Thank you for choosing HAMR to re-home your dog. The following questionnaire has been prepared in order to give us as much information as possible, so we can re-home your dog with the best family possible. Please note that the following questions are in no way judgemental of the dogs previous or current home.

All details are strictly confidential and will be kept within the HAMR committee.


The below 5 questions are not compulsory but any information you can provide will help us to rehome your dog to the correct home.

Please provide details like: Name of current Vet, previously diagnosed conditions, medications (type/brand/dosage/how long has dog been on them), Allergies and food intolerances
Please provide details like: Has the dog attended any group or private training, if so please provide details. Have you ever had a behavioural assessment done. If so please provide details including who, when and where it was conducted by.
Please provide details on the dogs behaviour. How is the dog like with children, ages of those children and relation of the children to the dog. How is the dog with & around other dogs. Has the dog lived with other animals apart from a dog. If so, please provide details. How does the dog behave around unfamiliar people. Does the dog get grumpy, possessive guard or growl around food, toys, objects or people. Has the dog been professionally diagnosed with anxiety.
Please provide details on the typical days exercise regime. How long is the dog left along during a working day and also on a weekend?
Please provide details of the type/brand of food, daily intake, how many times per day and via bowl or toys or hand. Any known likes or dislikes regarding food.

Leave below blank and proceed to the Submit button at the bottom to send the details to us.

I confirm that I am the retiring/legal owner of the pet described above and relinquish all responsibility of said pet, along with all relevant paperwork in my possession to Husky And Malamute Rescue Inc. In the case of 2+ dogs being surrendered at once, please understand every attempt will be made to rehome them together, however this is not always possible.

***Clicking Submit will automatically email the above information to us.