Activities to do with your Dog


Activities to do with your dog to provide mental and physical stimulation for this working breed.

Sleddog racing / Dryland mushing:

Dryland mushing involves having your dog harnessed to a kick scooter or specialized rig and training them to pull. Once you have some practice in you can even get involved in racing your dogs through WASSA (WA Sleddog Sports Association) or the Dryland Sleddog Club of WA.

WASSA Website | WASSA Facebook

Dryland Sleddog Club of WA Facebook


Bikejoring involves a similar concept to dryland mushing but involves having the dog harnessed to a mountain bike. You can look at the below links to see ways to train your dog and the commands to teach.

New Forest Huskies | Bikejor


Canicross involves having your dog in a pulling harness, the dog is then attached to a running belt via a bungee lead. The concept of Canicross is to have your dog pull you whilst running.

How to run with Siberian Huskies

Clicker Training:

Clicker training is one of the methods that can be used to train your dog to perform desired behaviours. It is a safe, easy, kind, effective and scientifically proven tool that helps your dog understand what you want from them.

Clicker Training 101

Agility and obedience:

Agility training involves running dogs through a variety of obstacles. This can be used in time trials or just for fun. You will build a great bond with your dog whilst having exercise.

Agility, Obedience & Training Clubs

Dances with Dogs:

This is obedience training taken to the next level, you can train your dog to memorize dance routines and commands and compete in competitions.

Dances with Dogs Clubs

Tracking/ Scenting:

This is a fun way to put your dogs nose to works and have them search out certain items.

Tracking Clubs

Mental Stimulation

Teaching tricks:

Keeping their mind active is great for when it’s too hot or raining to go out. There are MANY YouTube videos on how to teach different tricks. Here are a couple sites to get you started.

DoggieBuddy – 52 Tricks to Teach Your Dog | Simple tricks for your Siberian Husky

Boredom Busters – Toys

My Husky – Boredom Busters | My Husky – A Huskyfied Backyard | Aussie Dog Products | Shibashake | Boredom Busters | Pets Unleashed

Boredom Busters – Treats

Please remember to reduce the amount of food fed in their meal if you are feeding lots of treats.

Shibashake | Kong | Kong Filling Ideas | Canine Mind | Kong Stuffing