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Our dogs come from various places. Some are picked up from pounds after their previous owners have failed to pick them up or have abandoned them. Some are surrendered direct from their existing owners. Regardless of where these dogs come from, we take them in to ensure they have a safe and happy environment to stay in with one of our wonderful Foster carers. Whilst these fluffbutts are with their foster carers we hit the ground running and do everything in our power to ensure these fur kids are given the best second chance we possibly can, by finding them the perfect forever home.
While the fur kids are in our care, they are fully vet checked, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped as well as behaviourally assessed and groomed. Nine times out of ten, the fluff butts that come to us, need all of the outlined veterinary work and sometimes even more. Our adoption fees allow HAMR to cover and continue all the necessary vet work with future rescues.

  • Dogs up to 6 years are $500.
  • Dogs from 7 to 10 years are $400.
  • Dogs 10+ years are $300.

If you think one of the fluffbutts on our ‘Looking For a Home’ page would fit into your family, please take into consideration that we cannot guarantee them with other small pets, including cats, rabbits, small dogs, birds, Guinea pigs and fish etc. We recommend you think long and hard about adopting one of our rescues and make sure you have done your research. These breeds are extremely intelligent and need very secure yards to live in. Fences must be a minimum of 1.8m in height without any places they can dig out under. Gates and any other points of entry to the yard must also be climb and dig proof.

After reading all of this and you still think one of our rescues is right for your family, please fill out an Expression of Interest form. Include as much information as possible as it gives us a clearer picture of yourself, family and living arrangements. Please understand that although you fill out an Expression of Interest form, it by no means guarantees that you will be suitable for the dog you are enquiring about. We will still need to carry out a fence and property check to ensure that your property is secure enough. The dog that you are applying for may already have many other people interested that have submitted an application also. You may not be successful at the time of your application but we are always happy to keep you on our list until such a time that the right dog comes along that will suit you and your family.

Husky And Malamute Rescue Inc. is run by volunteers that all have full time jobs. This means you will need to have patience as we try to reply to all enquiries as promptly as possible. As you can imagine, this can take a few days so please understand that we are doing the best we can, as fast as we can.